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What is Video Transition?

Video transition is a post-production technique used in video editing or film to connect one shot to another. It plays a massive role in your video quality.
You can easily add various transitions to video with ssemble! Simply add video clips and select your desired Transition style.

How to add a transition effect

  1. Add video clips Choose several videos from the album that you want to apply transition effects to and add them to the timeline.
  2. Open the Transition menu Tap the [+]plus button between the video clips, then tap the transition menu button.
  3. Add a transition effect After choosing the desired transition effect among the various ones, Set the duration by adjusting the slider that appears on the canvas. And then just tap the ‘Apply’ button below.


You can use all the fonts, text styles, and stickers provided in the ssemble app without worrying about copyrights! However,  when it comes to music, we provide music shared under the Creative Commons license. We cannot rule out the possibility of the original author arbitrarily changing the policy. For commercial use, it is recommended that you check the license scope and policy carefully on the audio source site. Tap the music of your liking on the music page, press the "Copy" button, and then paste it into a notepad to confirm the source.


ssemble makes me a creative video editor. Never thought myself to be creative but with ssemble I’m making creative videos. You can create vlogs, game videos, and marketing videos. It saves me a lot of time and gives more flexibility by not having to hire an external video editor.


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