Auto Subtitle Generator

Innovative automatic subtitle generator

Looking for an automatic subtitle generator? Here it is! ssemble analyzes the voice from the video and automatically creates subtitles. It’s powerful, easy to use, and best of all, it is free!

How to use the auto subtitle generator

  1. Open the Auto subtitle menuTap the Auto subtitle menu button below.
  2. Choose a Text styleChoose the text style you want and adjust the size and location of the text. And then tap the “Generate” button below. ssemble will start to analyze the voice in the video.
  3. Correct the detailsCheck the generated automatic subtitles, tap the text item on the timeline and tap ‘Edit’ button to modify the content. Or you can just double-tap the text on the canvas to modify it.

Save your Time

The ssemble speech-recognition function will transcribe your video automatically. No need to waste your precious time making subtitles for your videos.


Yes! Generating, transcribing, and adding subtitles to your video is free to use for everyone.

No. Unfortunately, ssemble only provides subtitles through video voice recognition.


ssemble makes me a creative video editor. Never thought myself to be creative but with ssemble I’m making creative videos. You can create vlogs, game videos, and marketing videos. It saves me a lot of time and gives more flexibility by not having to hire an external video editor.


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