Collaborate and Create Amazing Video For Free

You can trim, split, and merge video clips easily with ssemble’s online video editor.
And ssemble connects everyone in the video process so teams can deliver better videos faster.

Make more videos, faster and smarter with powerful plugins.

ssemble’s plugin store is powerful because it allows you to extend the functionality of ssemble and customize it to meet your specific needs. The plugin store offers a wide range of tools and features that can help you streamline your workflow, improve your video editing process, and save time.

Import videos to the timeline - Video Editor

Import videos to the timeline
Choose the videos you would like to edit in the Upload menu.

Edit the video clip - Video Editor

Edit the video clip

Click the video clip and do any of the following:

· Cut: Click ‘Split’ button and click the part of the video you want to split.

· Trim: drag one of both ends to trim it.

· Delete: Click the clip you want to remove and click the delete button.

Change the order of scenes - Video Editor

Change the order of scenes
Click and drag the video clip on the timeline to move it to the desired location.

Shorten your video creation time

Speed up your video creation process
with simple video editor and powerful plugins

Video Creation Time
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